Home Styling


Street Appeal

  • Remove toys, bikes, garden tools and any clutter.
  • Keep lawns mowed, paths edged, hedges trimmed and gardens weeded.
  • Windows cleaned and brick/weatherboard washed can make an enormous difference.
  • Paint or wash fences.
  • Ensure your pets are secured so that they won’t pose a threat or create a distraction to visitors.
  • Adequate external lighting is a must for evening inspections.

Positive First impressions

  • Front door cleaned of any shoe scuffs and touch up with paint where necessary
  • For properties yet to be renovated,  we can visually show buyers the potential of the property by decorating the walls, ceiling and floor of the front entrance.
  • Position an attractive plant or piece of art to add that final touch.

Appeal to the Senses

  • Throw windows and doors open an hour or so prior to inspection where possible to avoid stuffiness

  • Turn on sufficient lights when inspections are being held to compensate for any dark areas.

  • The aroma of brewing coffee or freshly baked bread will convey the impression that you enjoy your property.

  • Bathrooms should be gleaming. Repair any broken tiles and reseal around the bath and basin if necessary. A dish of scented potpourri or soaps add a nice touch.

  • Place freshly cut flowers on your coffee table in living area

  • Turn the radio or TV off, maybe in favour of a restful CD.

  • Make sure the temperature inside is comfortable – even light the fire in winter.


It’s the little things that count

  • Attend to any small maintenance jobs such as sticking doors or windows, dripping taps, squeaking hinges, loose door handles, blown light bulbs or faulty switches.


Create a feeling of spaciousness

  • Ensure your kitchen is spotless, the working areas are uncluttered, along with tidy cupboards and pantry.

  • Make sure wardrobes are tidy – they’ll look larger.

  • Mirrors in smaller rooms can convey the feeling of more space.

  • To enlarge room size appearance, De clutter and put bulky furniture into storage.



  • Allow your buyers the time and relaxed atmosphere to become emotionally involved in your property by leaving the premises during inspections. Your consultant will maintain security at all times.