Landlord Info

Choosing a property manager should be undertaken with just as much care and consideration as choosing the property itself as the return you receive from your property is generally determined by how well it’s managed.

To maintain optimum return, we constantly monitor market trends, not just in company rates or rental prices but also the tax and legal charges, at each lease renewal we will discuss the market and  how that might affect your property

Thorough screening of applications, we utilise the best available online tenancy checks thru NTD, we use an extensive application form and conduct a series of telephone calls to present the most extensive amount of information, so you are able to make an informed decision on a prospective tenant.

Ongoing monitoring, a thorough condition report including extensive photography will be prepared prior to any tenant moving in and a routine inspection will be conducted at 3 months and will continue 6 monthly until the tenancy ends.

Maintenance, will be handled quickly, efficiently and thoroughly. We will call you prior – unless it’s an emergency, and you are unavailable – we use local qualified tradesmen at reasonable rates.

Tenant, we treat our tenants with respect and dignity, your investment is after all their home.

Statement, our office will make payments to your nominated account, as often as required. We can email or post statements, deduct and pay the tradesmen and other creditor accounts and will provide you with an End of Financial Year Statement.

Advertising, we advertise on several internet sites including,, and, we also advertise with local media, obtain professional photography, will erect a board and also have a substantial prospective tenant database, all helping in leasing your property.

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